Château Clamens - French Wines AOC Fronton

Thanks to the high quality of its wines, the Château Clamens has quietly established itself as a reference for the wines of the South West. Our production is the heir to a long tradition of enthusiasts: inspired by the Romans who where the first to cultivate wine in Fronton, developed by the Templars who lived in the region after their return from the Crusades and established the Négrette as autochthonous grape, finally, by generations of our family of winemakers, who worked the lands of Château Clamens for over 150 years ...

It is for us today to let you taste the richness of this terroir and to
flourish, for your pleasure, the promises and virtues of Château Clamens. We do this every day, season after season ... Have fun discovering our heritage!

Jean Michel Bégué & Stefan Heppelmann

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