Passion. Variety. Culture.

Whether you are alone with your beloved one, with friends, or treat yourself a special solo trip - the color is intense and brilliant in the glass ... the bouquet develops its flavours ... you close your eyes ... our first sip of wine tickles the palate ... a real delight - we work throughout the year to offer you this intense moment full of emotions!

All our wines are predominantly made from the grape, which is unique in the world and is only for use in Fronton: Négrette. By uniting it with Cabernet Franc, Syrah and the Cabernet Sauvignon, we create original and complex wines. They also emanate from very diverse soils that give them a strong and powerful character - both the old river bed of the Tarn and Garonne lie beneath our vineyard. Château Clamens is the only winery in Fronton, which covers three municipalities and two Départements!

Records cite the communal area for the first time in 1868. The Clamens, from father to son, have developed, until a happy marriage entrusts its future to Begue, who care for four generations. Today is Jean Michel Begue that orchestrates the Castle Clamens. Distinguished on several occasions by both national (CGA Paris, Mâcon), by renowned guides (Hachette, Gilbert & Gaillard) and by local colleagues (General Council of the Tarn and Garonne, wine competition in South-West) he knows better than anyone the strengths and peculiarities of the castle's Clamens.

Local records mention our winery for the first time in 1868. The family "Clamens" has managed it for generations before, four generations ago, the heritage changed to the "Bégués" by a happy marriage.Today it is the youngest male offspring Jean Michel Bégué who orchestrates the Château Clamens. Distinguished on several occasions by both national wine competitions (CGA Paris, Mâcon), by prestigious wine guides (Hachette, Gilbert & Gaillard) and also in competitions with the local colleagues (Tarn and Garonne wine competition, wine growers association south-west France), he knows better than anyone else of the strengths and peculiarities of the estate.

If he is able to protect the family secret, no doubt he implements it, like a magic formula, to select in each vintage the best soils, and to raise the wine in the traditional way - our red wines are neither fined nor filtered before bottling:

More than 1,000 hours of sun - directly into poured your glass!


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