Blending fruits of the vine for your tasting pleasure - it’s all about alchemy!

Négrette: A grape found nowhere else in the world
It is close to 1000 years that this grape variety has been cultivated in our region… and nowhere else. Inimitable, its nectar is just as unique and was cause for Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu to have their famous "wine tasting battles" during the siege of Montauban… Fine and delicate, Négrette develops subtle aromas of violet, red berries and liquorice. It comprises at least 50% of each of our blends. Négrette is the basic structure around which we build the character of our astonishing wines.

Cabernet Franc: Refreshing and Lively
In the Bordeaux winegrowing region, when Cabernet Franc is given the time it needs to ripen, it turns merely good blends into excellent vintages. At Château Clamens, the sunny weather is more intense and lasts longer than for our Gironde region "northern cousins". Therefore our Cabernet Franc can fully develop its red-berry aromas of raspberry and cherry, as well as its peppery notes. Naturally low in tannin and delicately acid, this grape brings liveliness and a refreshing nature to our blends.

Syrah: Warmth and Softness
Syrah makes wines with colour – fine, highly scented, complex, robust but not very acid. The rosés are brilliant, aromatic and very fruity. As for the reds, this grape variety produces a deep colour and an interesting tannic structure. Its characteristic aromas on the nose of violet and red or black berries (raspberry, red currant, blueberry, blackberry) develop over time into more complex notes mingling musk, truffle, leather, mocha and touches of spice.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Nobility and Elegance
Cabernet Sauvignon is known worldwide for the fine flavour it brings to wines. Its very high level of tannins makes it the grape variety of choice for barrel-aging. We ourselves use French oak casks in our wine cellars, made by a local cooper, to ensure slow, regular oxidation. This way of proceeding brings notes of vanilla, spice and roasted coffee to Cabernet Sauvignon’s natural aromas of blackcurrant, leather and tobacco.

Côt/Malbec: Depth and Structure
This grape variety produces deep red, almost black wine, with an incredible variety of new aromas: plum and tobacco with delicate notes of blueberry, bay, juniper, black cherry and chocolate. Rich in tannins, it is just made for old-fashioned barrel-aging. As it is temperamental and very sensitive to its climate, we use this grape with great delicacy to add an additional touch of finesse to our blends.


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